Mech Weaponry

Basic Mechs Weapons:

Mech Bash Attack: All Mechs can make a basic bash attack regardless of modifications. This is considered an armed attack and is covered under the Pilot: Mech proficiency. A Bash attack does deals 1d10 bludgeoning damage, plus the strength modifier of the Mech.

Mechs use larger versions of basic weaponry that are found in the 5th edition PHB. The larger size means that the number of dice used is doubled. Mech weaponry follows all other rules for such weapons including Finesse, Light, etc.

Example 1: A Mech-sized longsword is 2d8 damage, versatile (2d10) slashing

Example 2: A Mech sized maul is 4d6 damage, Heavy, 2 Handed, bludgeoning

Special Mech Weapons:

Special weapons designed to be used by Mechs. A pilot may add their proficiency bonus to attack rolls with special weapons if they have the correct proficiency with that specific weapon, or the Mech Jockey feat (which provides proficiency in all Mech special weaponry).

Cannon: This arm is made up of a short barreled cannon and a hopper that holds it’s ammunition. The standard cannon arm has a hopper that can hold 5 rounds of cannon ammunition. A cannon does 4d10 damage, has a range of 100/200 with a clip of 5 shots. (For purposes of flavor, a cannon can be described as any type of large ranged weapon such as a ballista.)

Bite Attack: Head slot modification. A bite attack granted by this modification deals 1d12 Piercing damage + the Mech’s strength bonus.

Mech Weaponry

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