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NEWS 4-22-16: I have added a few pages and rearranged some links to make it easier to navigate. The Character sheet is now available to preview and download from Google Drive. I am considering a few more options that might spice up the mechs like unique benefits to construction type (Bone mechs being able to lose some defense to animate some guardian creatures, Metal mechs that can explode, stuff like that) But those ideas are still being hashed out and I have to run some numbers to see if they will overpower anything.

We will be using this as a test bed for the new rules I am developing for using Mechs in 5th Edition D&D.

There are a few Wiki pages linked below to some of the important rules and additions and there is a forum thread for us to discuss rules additions and options. Please take a moment to look at the Rules Guidelines post on the forum to see where the design principles are coming from.

Mech Rules
Mech Playtest Rules
Mech Character Sheet
Mech Types and Modifications
Mech Weaponry
Mech Related Treasure

Character Options
New Feat Mech Jockey
New Warlock Invocation Pact of the Mech

Rise of the Dawn Stuff:

Game has started! We have a really fun cast of characters with some unique mechs. I am very excited to keep this one going to see how things work out.

I will be adding more info in the wiki so people will have a better idea of the main players on the world stage and what has happened in the 50 years that have passed since the end of the Chronicles of Sachrum Campaign.

Old News:
NEWS! 2-23-16

First order of business is to thank you all for your contributions and ideas, the discussions we’re having are really helping me decide on some major factors in this system.

In line with the goal of having these rules up for purchase or sharing I needed a name for the rules and possibly a snappy design and we have at least decided on the first part:

“Mobile Armor: Behemoth”

Did some searching and so far we’re not stepping on any toes creatively that I can tell. So until we find a huge issue with it we’re going with that for the name of the rules set. – MB

MORE NEWS! There is a Mech Character Sheet designed by Lady Crass Commissions and it is glorious! I will have it uploaded to this site very soon, or at least have a google docs link to it so people can try it out. We have some printed at the house for people to swing by and look at when they want to. – MB