Saccab Worlen and the Wyrmslayers

Famous Dragon Hunting Mercenaries


Saccab Worlen – Female Half-Elven Mercenary leader. Pilots a customized Heavy Mech designed specifically to hunt Dragons.


Saccab has been leading the Wyrmslayers for nearly 15 years.

The Wyrmslayers are a disparate group of mixed races that has dedicated itself to eradicating the “Scourge of the Chromatic Dragons” that inhabit the world. This group is responsible for over 5 confirmed Chromatic Dragon deaths over the past decade and have made a name for themselves. They pilot Behemoths of different shapes and sizes with a variety of equipment and styles from around the kingdoms.

The group is known for hiring out local adventurers for particularly difficult jobs or ones that require guides to assist them in getting to remote places or through difficult terrain.

Saccab Worlen and the Wyrmslayers

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