Otiros Carter


Pack of the Blade Warlock. Type 2 Crystal Mech


Otiros was a Zegrastan Inn keeper in the City of Kir’Tolant. He had two sons age 2 & 4 and a wife of 6 years. One day out of the blue when manning the bar, bright beams of light and energy started to erupt from his body and a vortex of energy started to form around him. After a few moments of panic people started to run and a mass explosion consumed the Inn killing his family and many adventures.
As he laid in the pail a rubble with no signs of burning or scorch marks and only ash left for the dead, he started to come to. Suddenly a man appeared walked up to him and said “well this is interesting” not known to Otiros, this man is Mesdoram Val’Mourdsen.

Val’Mourdsen abducted Otiros and took him back to his Lab. He said nothing directly to Otiros other than random observations as he conducted many very painful experiments on him. Somehow Otiros linked with the undying energy of Val’Mourdsen and became a Warlock.

After Val’Mourdsen was done with his experiments. He handed Otiros a great sum of Money “For his loss” and abandoned him in the center of Strum. Otiros to this day still does not know who this man was.

Otiros at this point has little to live for. He has been tortured and tested on for months and his family is dead. He found his way through the portals to Mazarah, Little is left for him in Zegrasta. He came across the Blood pits and found the fighting. He spent his Money on a Mech and joined the fight with a bit of a death wish and came to enjoy the fight and find something new to live for.

Otiros Carter

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