Namar Ur-Tanzit

a man of honor


At 25 years old Namar stands 5’10" tall weighing 185 lbs. with green eyes, short tightly curled black hair and a lightly tanned complexion wearing a red and black dress uniform with a distinctive mask like set of white sand goggles with a pistol, short sword and spell component pouch on his belt.

his Mech the Red Comet looks like this sans the extra decals on the chest



Zamir Amoth-Sikar AKA Captain Namar Ur-Tanit, The Lord Crimson

Grandfather: Barquan Amoth-Sikar age: 90 (deceased)
Father: Abbir Amoth-Sikar age: 57
Mother: Maria Amoth-Sikar age: 48
Sister: Eva Amoth-Sikar age: 15
Cousin: Alvaro d’Portilo age: 28 (son of his mothers elder brother)

A brief history of house Amoth-Sikar

Zamir is the heir apperent to the noble house of Amoth-Sikar which returned to prominence during the rebuilding of Mazarah 50 years ago.The scions house of Amoth-Sikar are most notable for being devoted to the Ideals of peace, justice and mercy as espoused by the now deceased got Amoth, this had/has ostracized them from the much of the more traditional Mazarahan nobility and were thus not in attendance during the Celebrations that led into scourging of Mazarah by The Worm That Walks which left them intact to take a major hand in much of the rebuilding of the city yet even this would not put them in a position of being one of the trade princes after the death of Zamir’s grandfather lord Barquan Amoth-Sikar who was succeeded by his son Lord Abbir Amoth-Sikar.

How a man of peace became a pilot

At the request of his friend/cousin Alvaro d’Portillo who knew of his natural skill as a pilot and out of a feeling of obligation to protect the people of Mazarah Zamir joined the military as a mech pilot taking the name Namar Ur-Tanzit to avoid the shame of failing to live up to the peaceful ideals of House Amoth-Sikar, he quickly distinguished himself as a pilot against the ongoing incursions along the eastern border with the Giant Kingdoms he rose the rank of captain earning the monicker “The Lord Crimson” amongst the regular mech troopers for his distinctive red mech, he is currently on leave for the first time in 7 years.

Namar Ur-Tanzit

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