Kian Ironthorn

Mistelf Knight and Mech Pilot


Kian Ironthorn is 160 years old, stands at 5’4” and has a taut build weighing at 98 lbs. His coppery skin has a healthy luster marred only by a couple dark scars on his chin and brow. He wears his auburn hair to the mid of his back but bound tight in a series of braids. Far too slight to be imposing to the casual observer, Kian lacks the demeanor of a natural leader but carries a palpable aura of tightly controlled violence.

When not geared for battle you can find Kian dressed in simple long tunics loose pants and knee high boots.


Scion to one of the marshalate clans of the mistelves, Kian’s formative decades were spent mastering combat skills and observing the strict societal rules that govern the mistelf way of life. Having “cut his teeth” so to speak on Kholfrasian explorers and pirates it wasn’t until the establishment of the devils throne that Kian earned his sirname and was made Knight of the Vale, it was said that his form and fighting was like unto a blooming rose that no devil could touch but bring it’s hand back bloody. As the years continued and the initial combat died down, Kian was one of the few amongst his people to embrace the new technology of behemoths to assist in the protection of his people, while most found them inelegant and loud Kian’s clan saw them as a way to even the playing field against their larger foes. Mirroring his own combat style and the aesthetic of ghostly tales of a phantom knights, Baelin’tass the twin bladed knight behemoth, stroke down devil and pirate foes alike.

Now on sacred mission by his clan leaders Kian, Baelin’tass, and his misfit trio of retainers travel to Mazarah to join in a perilous hunt.