Ivan Wrex

Mech Arena Fighter from Mazarah


Race: Human
Skin Color: Caucasian, Slightly pale for someone in Mazarah
Age: 23
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: Blue medium length Mohawk (Color changes often)
Natural Hair Color: Brown
Build: Skinny, but well toned

Wears his emotions on his sleeve. Quick to anger, but quicker to toast a drink.
Perpetually cocky, often seen with a grin on his face (if you can see it through the grease).

Often seen in the mech maintenance pits in turn coveralls.
Fights in his mech wearing reinforced leather armor, leather pilot cap, and goggles.
Outside of the mech arena, he is often seen wearing old military fatigues, and one of several vests of varying lengths.

Always has tools on his person, especially his giant spanner.


Son to Yuri and Lyse, two of “Molly’s Kids”. Lyse died shortly after child birth.

Yuri, having an aptitude for fixing things, eventually found his way to the Mech Arena of Mazarah, not as a pilot, but as the crew chief for Seraki, one of the sport’s early standouts.
Ivan spent a good chunk of his early life in the Mech Maintenance Pits alongside his father, developing a serious knack for mech engineering. Yuri died in a post-fight accident when the power source for Seraki’s mech ruptured. Ivan was 9. Seraki allowed Ivan to stay on his pit crew, where he further honed his skills.

A few years later, Ivan was caught piloting Seraki’s mech in an unsanctioned nighttime fight. He won his match, but the mech was heavily damaged. After beating the snot out of Ivan for taking and damaging a mech that wasn’t his, Seraki had to admit Ivan had skills and that he might be more valuable as a mech pilot than part of the pit crew. Ivan was allowed to restore an older mech and make it his own. And thus, Ivan became the pilot of the mech: “Valkyrie Hymn”.

After several (decently successful) years in the Mech Arena, he’s decided that it might be a good idea to get out of Mazarah for awhile.

To see the world, claim its treasure, kick its ass, and seduce its women!