Agran Knightspawn

Defender of the Kir'Vanathi Throne


Agran Knightspawn is 45 years old, stands at 5’10" and weighs around 200 lbs. His skin is a dark maroon that edges towards black around the tips of his horns and extremities. His hair is jet black and hangs nearly to his shoulders. He is not very powerfully built but carries himself with the demeanor of a warrior and a leader.

He is often seen in fairly simple clothes of exceptional quality, favoring and only wears his armor when he must personally enter battle.


Born to Kirthal Knightspawn and an unknown adventurer that caught her eye (There is a particular rumor that was started by an unknown gnome that it was a Half-Orc Samurai that won her heart with acts of bravery). Agran has been raised a warrior in the styles of the ancient Kir’Vanathi empire which teach thee major lessons:

Compassion and acceptance for those who need it.
Tolerance for those that have proven worthy.
Wrath for those that deserve it.

Agran Knightspawn

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