New Feat Mech Jockey

Mech Jockey

Prerequisites: Dexterity 13+, Proficiency in “Pilot: Mech”

Bonus: A character with the Mech Jockey feat has several advantages while piloting Mechs that set them apart from those who are merely proficient in their use:

  • Any Mech that the character pilots gains +5 ft to the Mech’s base speed.
  • The Pilot may substitute the Mech’s Dexterity score with theirs. Thus a character with 16 Dexterity and this feat piloting a Type-3 Mech will count the Mech’s Dexterity as 16 instead of 8.
  • The Pilot gains proficiency in Special Mech Weapons.
  • The Pilot counts as having the Mending cantrip for the purposes of healing a mech during a long rest.

New Feat Mech Jockey

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