Professor Archibald Quill

Spell slinging skeleton and amiable academic extraordinaire


Standing at Six foot tall with a skeletal build (do ya get it???) weighing in at an oddly solid hundred and ten pounds. Archibald is in fact an intelligent skeleton. Polished bones well maintained and kept meticulously clean. Archibald has scrimshaw arcane tattoos on his sternum, knuckles, and around his eye sockets.
He garbs himself in long coats with voluminous pockets usually stuffed to the brim with notes sketches and tomes, topped with a brown tricorn cap where he hides his extra quills.


Professor Archibald Quill originally born in the Rontilian Marches lived his first life as a peaceful cabbage farmer, raised a family, didn’t live beyond his means, just your normal run of the mill peasant. That life ended in a cart accident while bringing a harvest into the city. Upon reawakening he found the flesh had fallen of his frame and he had entered the undead populace of Rontil.
Being given a fresh start Quill decided to do something completely different his family thought him mad to begin studying magic, but since his son had already inherited the farm, he found in his bony hands the free time to throw himself recklessly into study.
Years down the line having proven himself proficient in the evocation arts he set out make his mark falling in with the Adventurers guild of Sturm. After a few ill fated adventures with a hodgepodge cast of Adventurers he found himself under the wing of Chief Historian Hastus Killian who’s passion of archaeology sparked a new fire in Quills old bones.
Drawn to the obscure histories siting ancient Evil dragons many academics mocked him for his specific field of study. His travels eventually brought him to the northern edges of the Al Kamut dessert where his expedition found the acid scarred Skeleton of an enormous saurian unlike any good dragon anyone had ever seen also on the same site he found a trove of old Ooloi technology, having little interest in it he happily traded the tech to the High technopath in exchange for the funds to transform the Giant skeleton (that he found out to not be draconic in origin) into a Behemoth Armor that He named the Indominus Wrecks

Professor Archibald Quill

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