Molos Tenabrin

Demonic Bloodline Sorcerer Tiefling


Born 5 years prior to the fall of Rovagug to a wealthy merchant family in Kohlfrasia, his life way fairly ordinary until the evening of that climactic battle. The amount of magics that were being thrown around in that final battle reverberated around the world and kicked off the inherent magics flowing through his veins.

His family did quite well, despite the change of regime. Having a Tiefling in the family probable helped. He didn’t see it that way. The demonic rule always seemed too precarious to last. After coming to age and learning what he could, he took his share of his familis business and decided to make his own way in the world.

For a good 20 years or so, he spent his time wandering from place to place, seeing the sites, the people and the places. By the end of that time he came across the boneyard of mechs near the border of the Giantlands, the remnants of a battle long since over and forgotten, except by those who come to scavenge. With his money running out and no solid direction to go, he was curious to see what he could do with this abandoned tech. He set up camp, and, to his surprise, found that he could effect repairs using his abilities.

Many years were spent slowly, methodically scavenging the proper parts where he could, bartering where he couldn’t and keeping on the good side of the other scavengers to cobble a working mech together.

Molos Tenabrin

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