Contract Devil left in charge of the new Devil nation Chargatha


Standing around 9 ft tall with deep blood-red skin and wrapped in a red robe, Aristarchus is an imposing figure. He has a multitude of protruding horns that emanate from his back that are festooned with flowing scrolls covered in Infernal script. He carries himself with the demeanor of someone who is forced to do a job they hate (which he does) but has no choice but to do it the best he can.


Aristarchus is a Contract Devil who has been left in charge of the new Devil nation of Chargatha, formerly known as the Kohlfrasian Empire.

After the assassination of the Emperor’s only heir and the most powerful general in command of the empire’s armies, many different factions in the empire sought to gain control. Baal, Lord of the first layer of Hell, sought this as his opportunity to gain a foothold on the material plane in accordance with his agreement with the gnome Wilf Tradewind.

After conquering the land with his army of Devils taken from the Blood War, Asmodeus commanded Baal to return to Hell and leave someone in his place to reign over their new kingdom. Aristarchus was chosen as he has been spending a decent amount of time on the material plane is recent years and has connections with other leaders that could prove useful in negotiations and his natural inclination towards detail lends well to dealing with the minutia of ruling.